Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Soldier's quotes of the week - Comments from some wounded guys

Captain Christine L from the 506th writes about the amazing spirit of some of the wounded guys she's treated in her E/R.

We allow our soldiers to call home after we get them stable and one, whose' Humvee was struck stated to his wife, "Honey, I am OK we just got blown up."

Pt. #2 stated, "Morphine is gooooooood stuff."

The day I was hanging those new curtains you sent, I had one side up and I sat down to take a break and we had incoming. I told one patient,"hey you get the new curtains." He replied, "yeh and a purple heart, not bad for one day of work.

Overheard a patient saying - "I hadn't wanted a cigarette since I got shot."

Another soldier was in the dining facility (no longer called chow hall), and he was standing and feeling the variety of fruits to choose from. He picked up an apple, looked at it, took a bite, and said to his buddy "Yeh, I worked produce for a year........before I got this high speed Army job.
It was really cute. I just had to laugh.


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