Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Those wacky mail room guys

Every military unit has a very important group of soldiers whose job is to make sure the mail gets delivered. Like the US Postal employees back home, they get snarled at when them mail arrives late, damaged or not at all. But we still love 'em for sure when something special arrives from back home.

Yesterday we received the most wonderful surprise – a large shipment from the Soldier’s Angels! Thank you so much for the wonderful and gracious donation of Purple Heart backpacks, microwave popcorn, instant oatmeal, freeze-pops, candy, and seasoning.

I must admit the Soldier who is our mail clerk was cursing my name when he went to check the mail yesterday and discovered that many of the packages had my name on them. Oh how the tune changed when it was discovered that the contents of the packages were for our wounded warriors and the Soldiers assigned to the team.

Thank you again so very much. We’ll send pictures out soon of the team filling the backpacks and enjoying the popcorn at our next movie night.

Jana L., Nurse
FOB Fenty, Afghanistan


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