Friday, November 05, 2010

Holiday cheer for forward medical units - we need your help!

Every year we try to provide some holiday decorations, snacks, Christmas stockings, music and mini-Christmas trees for our adopted medical units overseas. Right now, I've got a list of 50 medical units, ranging in size from large Combat Support Hospitals down to Forward Aid Stations right in the thick of the action in Afghanistan.

These service people can't be home for the Holidays, and some will be wounded even on Christmas Eve. So the medics can never stop, never close their doors, never let their guard down. But at least we can help make things a little more festive for them, and bring a little bit of home there.

We are looking for volunteers who can send mini/tabletop Christmas trees, decorations of all kinds (garlands, lights, stockings, etc), small gifts and gift bags, snacks and goodies to remind them of home.

if you can help, please email me at and I'll tell you how to ship and where.

God Bless us (them), everyone.


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