Friday, April 25, 2008

Aeromedical Evacuation from Balad, Iraq to Ramstein Germany

Here's an amazing video my buddy MaryAnn shared with me. This video shows the transport of non-critical and ambulatory patients.

B-Roll of Airmen preparing a medical transport fight from Balad, Iraq to Ramstein, Germany.

First you'll see the CASF in Balad. The patients are awake and conversing with the Airmen of the 332nd Air Expeditionary Wing.

From there the patients on litters are taken from the CASF to the bus for transport to the aircraft. You'll see the first patient carried out has a blue folder on his chest - those are his medical records. Everything is also in a computer system, of course.

On the bus the litters are suspended to reduce jarring during the short ride, but they're also fastened to the floor to prevent too much movement.

Then you'll see the inside of the aircraft where the litter patients are placed on "racks". Behind the racks you can get a glimpse of the ambulatory patients who sit along the outer sides of the aircraft in troop seats.

Specialized in-flight medical personnel care for the patients during flight. They are the ones in the flight suits (overalls).

After the staff of the CASF say goodbye to their patients, the plane takes off for Germany.

At Ramstein Air Base the patients are taken from the aircraft to the exact same type of bus for the short drive to Landstuhl hospital. Here's what it's like to arrive at Landstuhl.

Another video about the transport of critical patients can be found here
A big shout out and THANK YOU to our friends of the 332nd AEW for taking such good care of our guys!


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