Tuesday, January 19, 2010

From Task Force 14th Med

We often receive notes of thanks that humble me. It sometimes seems like what we we do in our medical support team is small "Hey Eric, please send 24 pair of sweat clothes to this address", or "Caren, please send some of that coffee and Girl Scout cookies we got to this CSH". But I guess it makes a difference to the folks who need it most. It is the generosity and hard work of thousands of volunteers, donors and American patriots that make Soldiers' Angels possible.


Dear Soldiers’ Angels,

On behalf of all Soldiers of Task Force 14th Med deployed to Camp Cropper in Baghdad, Iraq - I want to send you a letter of appreciation to everyone who has contributed to the support we have received during our current deployment. We want to say thanks very much for your steadfast support. We are assigned to the 14th Combat Support Hospital based out of Fort Benning Georgia to support the Global War on Terrorism in Support of Operation Iraqi Freedom 09-10.

The Soldiers of Task Force 14th MED have received many great things from your organization, actually there have been many boxes received which contained all sorts of things including letters, personal hygiene supplies, books, “goodie bags”, snacks, candy, and Girl Scout Cookies to mention just a few.

The response of Soldiers receiving support is a great thing to witness. You can see their eyes getting big with a smile on their face. It is because of people like you who inspire and support them from back home in the “good ole” USA. Your organization has a tremendous significant and positive impact to their morale. Through you, they realize they are supported and are humbled. It is because of you and people like you who support us, we owe great thanks to. We are very blessed to have you on our team.

I realize the amount of dedication, time, effort, coordination, money, and compassion involved in what you are doing as donations to us. I am touched by the outpouring of support we as a unit have received from Soldiers’ Angels. We are proudly here to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. You give us motivation to make it through the stresses endured upon us during a yearlong deployment. Please share with all of the volunteers and supporters you have at Soldiers’ Angels. With each and everyone’s support it truly makes a difference and we are extremely grateful.
MSG Johnny Davis
Chief Ward Master
TF 14th MED


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