Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A very special young person who is helping our wounded soldiers

I'm always so amazed at the dedication and patriotism of our young people, and at how much they care about our soldiers.

This is Tess Hogan, who is a 5th grader at Columbia Elementary School located in Kings Mills, OH. As a way to help her grow and learn community values, she decided she would like to do a volunteer project. She and her parents read about Soldiers' Angels, and Tess decided she would like to organize a school collection project to donate items for the First Response Backpacks for wounded soldiers overseas.

Her Mom wrote me that Tess had to meet with her principal, who was very much on board and approved the project. She created fliers to distribute all over school, and her principal arranged to place the announcement about her project on the district-wide electronic bulletin board so other families within the school system may donate even if they don't have a child at Columbia.

On the big day the project started, Tess made an announcement to her entire school about it. She must have been a pretty good DJ, because after the one-week collection was completed, she had full boxes all over the school.

Her parents will help her package up all the donations, which will be shipped to our Soldiers' Angels warehouse. From there, they will be put into backpacks and care packages, which will be shipped to Combat Support Hospital in Afghanistan and distributed to wounded soldiers.

I guarantee that some young, injured soldier who is 6,000 miles from home, is going to be very touched that one patriotic young girl cared enough to let him know the folks back home are thinking about him.

Great job Tess!


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