Saturday, November 20, 2010

How do you get 1,200 lbs of candy to the troops for Christmas?

First, you start out with Kid-power. The school children of Geneva, Illinois have contributed their Halloween candy for the troops for the third year. We might not always remember that children get just as passionate about doing things for other people as any adult. And they really love our troops.

Then you get all that energy (the kind that only kids have) to to sort it, pack it, load it into my SUV.

Then it gets taped, addressed and labeled, and hauled off the post office.

Where the generous donations from the faculty and staff of these schools, along with the Lombard police and fire departments help cover the shipping cost...nearly $1,000 this year.

Then it arrives in some stinky, cold, remote FOB just in time for Christmas.

...and then we do it again next year...until they all come home.


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