Friday, March 02, 2012

Meet a few people who are making a difference:

These wonderful folks are hard at work, gathering donations of sweat clothes for the wounded soldiers in Afghanistan. All of these folks have volunteered in the first 24 hours of me publishing this request.

Peggy, whose son just returned from a year in Afghanistan.

Jo, whose daughter is a wounded warrior herself.

Julie, Melissa and Rosemary, whose sons are deployed in Afghanistan right now.

Ashlie and Heather, who are wives of soldiers.

And all these other folks who jumped in and are sending sweats: Michelle, Rose, Lori,Kim, Rink, Chris, Bryce, Nicole, Tim, Noelle,Christina, Julie, Chris, Jean, Susan, Becky, JoAnne, Rachel, Karen, Bridget, Joie, Olivia, Virginia, Stephanie, Janine, Janet, Kyle, Donna, Tracie, the Crawford Family, Jeanne & Ken, Christine, Darlene, Danielle, Darla, James, Desiree, Heidi,

and a whole bunch more that are being handled by my Angel support team.

Together, we make a difference. I still need at least 200 more sets of sweat clothes for this unit, spread the word.



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