Saturday, September 24, 2011

Third annual Pancakes for Soldiers a big success

Last weekend was the third annual "Pancakes For Soldiers" event my friends Tina and Dave hold at their house every year.

For the past three years, they've organized this event and invited their friends and neighbors to bring donations of supplies, have an outdoor breakfast, and
then pack up the boxes to ship to medical units.

This year their goal was 100 boxes, and we ended up with more than 130! They ran out of empty boxes and had to make a run to the post office for more.

We were able to send boxes to 17 of our medical contacts this year.

The boxes marked with a "C" are coffee supplies, creamer, sugar, etc, and the rest are of snacks and goodies to give our medics and their patients a little
taste of home.

It is only through the generosity and dedication of folks like these back home that make it possible for us to support our medics and the work they are doing to keep us safe and care for our troops so far from home.



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