Thursday, December 02, 2010

Urgent need for warm clothing for the wounded

You've all read here about the things we do to support the American soldiers who need our help so much. And now Soldier's Angels needs your help to continue this good work.

The economy is down, the "R" word is being tossed around by the media. The first to be hit in a slow economy are non-profit organizations, and we are the last to recover as well. Donations are down; we are a 100% non-profit organization, totally funded by the generosity of the American people.

I was contacted by 7 new medical units this week alone because they have heard about what we do. Now, you need to understand what these medics need and that always worry that are asking for too much. Here is a typical example:

"We could really use sweat clothes. It has turned bitterly cold here, and evacuating patients out on a cold aircraft oftentimes without proper warm clothing breaks our hearts. Incredibly, the patients never complain!"

This is our biggest need. We get requests for about 300 of our First Response Backpacks each month,(each of which contains a set of sweats) plus additional requests for warm clothing for the patients.

We need new and unwashed, preferred colors black, gray or navy:
Hooded zipper (hoodies) sweatshirts. Sizes medium, Large and XL.
Sweatpants – Sizes medium, large and XL.

Donations of these items can be shipped to our warehouse, where they will be sent out to the nearly 60 medical units we are currently supporting.

Soldiers' Angels
4408 N PanAm Exprwy
San Antonio, TX 78218

So please help if you can. Get the word out. You can also donate funds which will be used to purchase clothing and pay for shipping costs. It's easy, just click on the link below and you'll go the Soldier's Angels website where you can make a donation today.


Do it for them.


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