Friday, February 25, 2011

Urgent need for funding to continue our Soldiers' Angels medical program

You don’t need to be told, I’m sure, that the economy has been hurting for a couple of years, now.

That means that people cut back where they can, and that often means charitable giving.

But while people cut back their giving, here’s what shows no sign of slowing down:

Casualties. Wounded in hospitals. Families of servicemen and women who need help.

All indications in the field show that this year in Afghanistan is shaping up to have the most intense fighting yet.

But we don't feel that we can do what most families or businesses might do when funds get tight,just cut back. Because the brutal fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq isn’t letting up.

Click HERE to donate; $5, $10, whatever you can. Your donation will go directly to supporting Soldiers' Angels operating funds.

Do it for them,


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