Sunday, January 09, 2011

Beautiful pillowcases for the wounded - Soldiers' Angels Sewing Team

The Soldiers' Angels Sewing Team is extending its powerful tradition of handmade support for the troops with an exciting new project: Patriot Pillowcases, designed to bring cheer and color to what can be a very drab hospital environment in Combat Support Hospitals (CSH) overseas.

Patriot Pillow Cases began with 16-year-old Angel seamstress Katie, who discovered that cheery, happy pillow cases were often requested for the wounded at Combat Support Hospitals overseas. Katie has been an Angel for over a year, sewing blankets and participating in the Letter Writing Team. She also recently organized a school project to collect magazines and holiday cards for Soldiers’ Angels care packages.

“I think this could be a very valuable project,” says Katie, “Because it brings the same sense of love and support from home to soldiers as a blanket might. However, the simplicity of a pillowcase allows us to reach more soldiers.”

To get started on your Patriot Pillowcase, click for guidelines (instructions may also be found on the Sewing Team page under “Teams and Projects” on this website).

When Katie and Dee approached me on this, I thought well this is just an amazingly great idea! And Katie is a 16-year old who came up with this all on her own!

The CSH's can be rather drab, so some bright, homemade pillowcases would mean the world to the patients. We currently have over 60 medical units we're working with, so there is plenty of need!

Katie, thank you!


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