Thursday, March 03, 2011

Annual Soldiers' Angels Planning Meeting

Well, I'm headed off to San Antonio this morning to meet with the other Soldiers' Angels managers, confer, converse and otherwise hob-nob with my fellow wizards.

I'll bring my plans for the next year, estimates of how many sets of clothing, First Response Backpacks and all the other necessities that we ship to the medical units overseas. Then we try to make it work against the always-difficult budget process.

What DOES make it work is that I can rely on you wonderful Medical Support Team Angels for your amazing generosity that helps fill the hundreds of requests we get every month.

We have a full two-day schedule of morning meetings (beginning 7:30 am!), afternoon meetings, and a Friday night meet-and-greet. Do you notice any time in there for my regular naps? No, I do not either.

Keep watching, I'll post pictures and updates here and on Facebook.

OH yeah, Damn it...I was looking forward to another day of 40 degree, cold, damp, gray sky here at home in Illinois. Instead I'll have to put up with that miserable San Antonio weather: 80 degrees and sunny. (sigh), the things I put up with for this organization.



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