Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Angel who feeds our wounded warriors needs our help

Meet Jillian, a young Air Force medic who has taken it on herself to make sure that none of the wounded soldiers at her CASF unit in Afghanistan go hungry. She is an Angel in every sense of the word.

She and her team have fed thousands of these young soldiers, who often arrive at the CASF evacuation unit at all times of the day and night, when the dining facility is closed for the day. They get nearly 400 in and outpatients per WEEK, and that takes a lot of goodies to keep these guys fed.

The patients will also grab some food for the 7 hour flight from Bagram to Germany. These planes aren't commercial jets by the way, they are cargo planes with canvas seats, cold, drafty and noisy. And no beverage carts.

If you can help, email me for the address -

Needed: (individually wrapped portions are best)
beef jerky/slim jims
Trail mix
microwave popcorn
dried fruit
Hard candy (no chocolate - it will melt)
Little debbie, hostess, etc snack cakes
Granola bars, rice krispie bars, cereal bars,
etc etc

C'mon, we can do this.


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