Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011 in honor of my cousin, Joe Paul Swendsen. RIP March 3, 2011

As an annual tribute, I am publishing this page again to the memory of the following members of our families who are no longer with us, but did not hesitate to serve when their countries needed them. Sadly, the list has grown this year in a most unexpected way.

My wife's Great-great-great-great grandfather:
Woody Jones - Served with Andrew Jackson in Louisiana, War of 1812 †
Her Great-great-great-great Uncle
Wiley Jones - Served with Andrew Jackson in Louisiana, War of 1812 †

My wife's great-great grandfathers:
Samuel Runnels - 39th Mississippi Infantry, Battle of Vicksburg †
Robert J. Jones - 4th Mississippi Cavalry †

My Great-Grandfather:
Christen Godskesen – Royal Danish Army, Second Schleswig War of 1864 †

My wife's grandfather:
Alonzo Runnels - US Army, WWI †

My Grandfather:
Christian Martinus Swendsen – Royal Danish Army †

My Great-Uncle:
Oluf Swendsen – Royal Danish Army †

My Uncles:
Paul Swendsen - US Army forward artillery spotter - Europe, WWII †
Carl Swendsen - US Army, WWII †
Roy Swendsen - US Army Air Corp, South Pacific, WWII †
Henry Godskesen - US Army Engineering Corp, WWII †

My Father-In-Law:
Charlie Runnels - US Navy, Korea †

My cousin:
Harlan Roy Swendsen - US Navy, Vietnam †

My Brother-in-law:
Carlos Hernandez - US Army Huey Helicopter Crewman, Vietnam †

My cousin:
Joe Swendsen - Minnesota Air National Guard, Diego Garcia Airlift Command †

For all you did for us....we remember


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