Sunday, April 12, 2009

Amazon defends us from hostile foreign powers!

I recently had a request from a med unit for bread mix for their bread machine. I googled around and found the best deal on Amazon. Damn. That site does ship to APO's, sort of. But they have the strangest rules about what can and cannot be shipped that way. For instance:

Bread mix is apparently a classified, critical war materiel and cannot be allowed to fall into enemy hands. I of course include the french in that category, not that they'd descend to the level of eating bread from a mix. Or a from a bread machine. Or from America. anyway....

Over the years, I've encountered other items that are restricted byAmazon (and no one else) from shipping to APO addresses.

Hair conditioner. Not all brands, only some brands. God help us if their troops has hair as bouncy and shiny as ours!

Ionic breeze air cleaners. Now I called and got an explanation for this one that sorta made sense. Sort of. It turns out that these type cleaners contain a chip that cannot be shipped out of the country. I suspect this is because potentially hostile nations (read: North Korea) could use these chips to build oh, say....ICBM guidance systems. Since Amazon has successfully defended our freedom by blocking the export of these chips, the Koreans must have had to resort to using a Mr. Coffee chip instead, which explains why their latest missile didn't go where it was supposed to.

Score one for the good guys!
- Rog


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