Saturday, April 04, 2009

Soldiers' Angels flag for Camp Bucca Medics

I recently attended a Yellow Ribbon Reintegration program put on by the Army reserve for soldiers who recently returned from deployment, along with their families. It's a great program, geared to help soldiers and loved ones readjust to the return to civilian life.

We had a table with information about Soldiers' Angels programs that could help veterans and families, and I passed out lots of cards, brochures and SA mementos. I brought along one of our beautiful Flags and asked the soldiers to sign it. One of our medical units at Camp Bucca are on a 15 month deployment, and they are tired and want to come home. I thought maybe some messages from fellow-soldiers might cheer them up. Turned out there were a lot of medics there, and some of them even knew who I was. And at least 50% of the 300 soldiers who stopped by told me they'd received packages from Soldiers' Angels members. Pretty cool.
So to my buddy Dave, and the medics at Forward Surgical, Camp Bucca...this one's for you.
God bless, come home safe


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