Friday, December 03, 2010

Merril-Lynch sends Christmas cheer to the CSH In Kandahar, Afghanistan

These wonderful folks at the Wellesley Hills, MA branch of Merrill-Lynch adopted the Role 3 Combat Support Hospital in Kandahar, Afghanistan. The 100 staff medics and 60 in-patients, and hundreds of out-patients will get a lot of Holiday Cheer thanks to their efforts.
Left to Right – Part of the all star team - Sal Giacalone, Andrew Parvey, Maria Raspa, Lisa Oliveira, Beth Green, Lisa Kautz and Mary Reineman, Complex Director

Lisa wrapping gifts for female soldiers and patients

Gift bags for the wounded warriors

The entire branch pitched in, and gave from their hearts:
· 20 boxes of 400 Christmas lights (plus about 5 boxes of 100 Christmas Lights)
· 10 strands of 100 feet garland (plus misc garland)
· 3 Four foot tall Christmas trees (with red, white and blue decorations)
· 75 Christmas Stockings
· 10 Santa Hats
· 75 Holiday Gift bags filled with goodies for the Soldiers (water bottles, puzzle books, paper, envelopes, hot chocolate, Chapstick, baby power, stretch bands, reusable bags, candy, etc)
· 15 Spa Baskets for the ladies
· 20 DVDs
· Misc Games (Yahtzee, Checkers, Uno, Cards, Trivia Pursuit, Pictionary, Holiday Karaoke)
· Box of goodies for the Medics (Starbucks Coffee, Candy, Yodels, Christmas Cakes, etc)
A couple of tins of homemade cookies
· Holiday cards with candy canes for all

Then packed it into 28 boxes, and hauled it off the the Post Office, where it got sent in time to arrive by Christmas
...and Merrill Lynch gets their conference room back.

Thanks Folks!


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