Sunday, March 20, 2011

Girl Scout Troop 217 Adopts the 98th Med CSC

I recently posted an appeal for folks to adopt one of the many small medical units currently serving in Afghanistan. After receiving requests from 11 brand-new units in just 5 days, I knew I needed help.

The response was, well, overwhelming! Among the over 100 offers to help was Girl Scout troop 217, A troop of 4th & 5th graders in Lynchburg, VA. I had just received a request from a combat stress clinic in Afghanistan for support; this is an outpatient clinic where soldiers can go for counseling and just to get a morale boost. Pictures, letters and so forth from young kids back home is one of the most welcomed items and a real morale-booster for soldiers far from home.

These young girls kicked into action, and decided to do a service project to support our troops serving overseas.

So far, they have currently met their troop goal to sell 1500 boxes of cookies and still have 12 more days to sell cookies. With the money raised, (the troop earns 60 cents per box they sell), Troop 217 will be sending letters, cards, handmade gifts, treat bags, care packages, and of course Girl Scout Cookies to their adopted military unit.

Great job, Troop 217!


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