Friday, March 11, 2011

Want to help support a small medic unit? I've got dozens waiting!

NOTE - if you replied to this post to adopt a medical unit, bear with me. I got over 200 emails in response, which is terrific and much appreciated. But it does take some time to sort through, figure out which person should be matched to which unit, and to answer all of them. I'm just one person volunteering my time.

You can help immediately by clicking on the link below to donate funds to help us ship supplies to the over 70 medical units all over that we're supporting.

thanks for understanding!

All of these units are in small, remote combat support outposts with very few amenities. They are asking for simple, basic stuff that they just can't get over there! Like snacks, peanut butter, laundry detergent, etc. If you us can send even a single package with just some of the items, that will be a huge help!

If you can help, go to and make a donation to help us with shipping costs.


Here are a few examples:

Unit name "Michael - Restoration Center"
This is a combat stress clinic, where soldiers go for a few days to rest and de-stress, with 8 beds. Restoration program for soldiers that are having problems emotionally and mentally problems downrange. mostly Male and some females

New requests from Mike:

-Vacuum cleaner for their carpet (used is fine)
-BBQ tools (they have a grill and want to hold some cook-outs as a morale booster) - oven mitt, tongs, etc
-Snacks, Consider home-made cookies, junk food and a mix of healthy snacks, too.
-Microwaveable food (Hormel meals, ramen noodles in a cup, mac and cheese, popcorn)
-Tuna pouches

UNIT NAME "Derrick - Warrior transition unit"
In-patient facility for injured soldiers to recover in-country.


-Feminine hygiene supplies (five females total)
-Toiletries - (shaving cream, razors, body wash, lotion, chap-stick, powder, shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash, soap, hand-sanitizer, wipes, etc)
Cough Drops
Music CDs
Paper back books
Peanut butter, jelly, honey
Crackers, etc.
Candy - hard candy, suckers, etc.
Coffee (whole bean please)
Coffee creamer and sweeteners
Hot Tea
Hot cocoa
Microwave popcorn
Instant Oatmeal
Drink mixes ( a mix of regular and sugar-free)

UNIT NAME = "Christine - Evac Unit"
supplies for female patients:
-Sports bras, (sizes 34, 36)
-shampoo/conditioner for women,
-baby wipes,
-magazines for women

UNIT NAME = "Kathrine 102nd FST"
Requests: Tide detergent with bleach


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