Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Hands of Heroes

I got a really nice request from Sgt Erin at the 115th CSH last month. She had an idea called "Hands of Heroes". She writes:

I have sat back and read letters from children and identified a similar theme in all of them. We are Heroes. As a child, I watched my father put on his uniform every morning and i felt like i could never measure up to anything he did because he was a Hero. I want to give back. I have brain stormed a project for the troops here in Herat. The plan is to have every American troop at the unit place their hand print on a quilt with an inspirational message for a child, along with a message basically stating that we all have the same hand prints.

Some are larger than others, but similar just the same. We have different backgrounds, ideals, dreams and come from all over the world. But we come together in spite of all of that and fight for one common goal. That is what makes us Heroes, and any one can be one.

We will be making several blankets and shipping them to several elementary schools across the United States. The problem, however, is that Micheal's Art Supply Store is a few thousand miles away. We need Non Toxic paints, fabric markers, blankets if you could spare them, and anything else that can help make this project a success. It is near and dear to my heart. "

Several of our Angel volunteers stepped forward and sent Erin fabric paints, markers and sheets to make her project possible.

The result is beautiful, and really touched me. I can only imagine the impact these wonderful messages from our troops on the front-lines will make on the children who sent them packages.

Also: a request from Rog - this unit asked for simple things, the usual "touches of home" that every deployed soldier craves. Current movie DVD's, healthy snacks would be appreciated: mixed nuts, beef jerky, dried fruit, corn nuts (mixed variety), trail mix, crystal light packets, pop tarts, oatmeal (microwavable), popcorn, etc.,

I get these requests every single day, and I'm always trying to find folks who can send a care package, adopt a unit for the duration, or help out in any way that is comfortable for you.

Contact me if you'd like to adopt one of the many medical units I have waiting for a touch of home.

email address: rgodskesen@soldiersangels.org

subject: "adopt a medical unit part 2"



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