Friday, January 07, 2011

Patriots of the week - Pillows for Patriots

One of the things that makes the massive support that we send for the medical units possible is by partnering with other groups and individuals. My newest partner this week is the wonderful founder at PILLOWS FOR PATRIOTS

I get tremendous numbers of requests for small, travel sized pillows from the medical units all the time. They are great for supporting an arm or leg in a cast, for tucking under a patient's head, for making them just a little bit more comfortable. In the picture below, the nurses had to wad up a blanket to make a pillow for this patient.

(Photo of patient on a medevac flight courtesy Michael Yon)

Our Soldiers' Angels sewing team makes dozens of these by hand, but we just can't keep up. Luckily, I made contact with Barb, who is the founder of this wonderful organization. Her son is an Army officer and has been deployed three times, so you can she has a keen interest in helping our troops. That's how this all works: one Mom comes up with an idea, and runs with it. A hundred thousand of us working together makes miracles happen.

Barb and her group are partnering with Soldiers' Angels Medical team to help supply pillows for the Combat Support Hospitals and CASF Evac units. They are totally funded by donations, and can use your help.

Check out their website, then donate what you can to help. With your help, we won't have to let even one of our wounded soldiers go without this simple expression of love and support.


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