Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Recent post about Canadian Soldiers

Yesterday I posted a link to a video (which was featured on Yahoo.com, CNN.com, CBC.com and other sites) that showed a group of Canadian medics working to save the lives of their companions who were injured in an IED explosion in Afghanistan a few days ago. Sadly, two of the soldiers did not survive. The video showed footage from a distance of the medics at work and then carrying a wounded soldier to a medevac helicopter.

I was informed that someone with a family member stationed overseas found the video distressing, and out of consideration for their feelings I took it down.

No KIA's were shown, although it is possible that someone who saw the video may have thought this was the case. I would never feature a video that did. The intent of this post was to honor the medics who work so hard under fire and risk their lives to save their fellow soldiers.

Videos, photographs and other visual materials are an integral part of the story of our medics at war, and are often the best way to tell their story. In future, I'll post a more complete description of any links to let viewers decide for themselves if they want to view the materials.

For those who don't know me, I served in a medical unit at Walter Reed Hospital during the Vietnam War, and every day I saw the effects war has on American Soldiers. My niece is a medic currently stationed in Iraq. No one needs to wonder what my feelings are toward our soldiers and their families.