Monday, June 21, 2010

With the 27th Engineering Bn medics in Afghanistan

Hello! I am a medic with the 27th Engineer Battalion currently stationed at FOB Shank in Afghanistan. A few weeks ago, we received the seat cushions you sent. Sorry I have not written sooner; it has (unfortunately) been very busy around here, and seems to get busier by the day as we move into summer. I was just calling to say "thank you!". When asked for special requests awhile back, seat cushions was all that came to mind because our guys are doing route clearance missions and are literally bouncing around in the back of the huge RC vehicles for up to 8, 10, even 12 hours at a time on these missions. Their job is to clear roads and villages of implanted IEDs; a very scary mission that they have to be vigilant and alert for the whole trip so nothing is missed (ideally). I've been told just how hard this is when they are so painfully uncomfortable in the seats after the first few hours out there.

The memory foam cushions (and the special foam you sent, Barbara) literally improve the success of their critical missions. They are able to stay more alert and focused on the mission at hand. I am in no way overstating the situation either. I usually work at the Aid Station on the base, but went out recently on a mission because they needed a female medic and I took one of the last cushions and it made a HUGE difference. Since we passed out the first few (from a few others who kindly sent them previously) we have no even had to go out and offer them to the guys because word has spread and before each mission we have at least a few people coming in asking for one. I mean, the snacks, cards, and other miscellaneous treats that we receive from Soldiers Angels and give to the guys are always appreciated, but the seat cushions are actually making a difference in their jobs and well-being.

medevac bird (with PFC Montgomery in the foreground, one of our medics)
Photos courtesy PFC Stephanie Murphy


Wednesday, June 09, 2010

And don't forget requests for our female soldiers...

we get huge numbers of requests for supplies for deployed females, and just can't keep the items in stock. Since we depend completely on donations for everything we send, Soldiers' Angels is reaching out to the community at large to help out.

We always need:
feminine hygiene products of all kinds, hygiene products, and a hundred other items. If you can help, either through sending in donated materials or financially, please check our Soldiers' Angels website and help us to help our troops.

It's OK, he is the unit doctor.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Moose Munch Madness from those wonderful folks at Harry & David's

The Harry & David stores ran a donation drive for the troops again this year, and partnered with Soldiers' Angels to get the stuff delivered overseas. They set up a program at their stores to let customers buy their famous Moose Munch Candy Bars at a discount for the troops. I drove up yesterday and picked up 20 cases, totaling about 2,000 bars.

Here I am with Paul, the Deer Park store manager. Assistant Manager Laurie helped out too.

These clever folks figured out that:
a) everybody loves chocolate
b) soldiers in the desert love chocolate, and can't wait until October when it's cool enough to mail it to them.
c) Chocolate might melt when the temperature is, say 120 degrees
d) you can still eat melted chocolate with a spoon.

So they packaged up each candy bar with a spoon, and even had blank notes for the customers to write a message to go along with the candy bar they donated.

Brilliant! what more can I say. Now I just have to mail them, and get my garage back! Thanks to the staff and customers who showed how much they appreciate our troops.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Soldiers' Angels- PSA worth watching