Sunday, August 01, 2010

Another Eagle Scout assists the wounded

One of my roles at Soldier's Angels is to work with Eagle Scout candidates who want to do a service project to help wounded American Soldiers. A few facts about Eagle Scouts: only about 3% of boys who enter the scouting program earn the Eagle Rank. It takes over 300 individual requirements and several years to accomplish the necessary steps. The final, and one of the most challenging requirements is performing a service project to aid the community. The scout is responsible for planning, organizing and running the project, which can often run into hundreds of hours of work.

Here is our newest Eagle, Charlie Cappelli of Pennsylvania.

Charlie decided to run a collection drive to send supplies to combat support hospitals in the Middle-East. He ended up collecting enough to fill 54 boxes with snacks, hygiene items, socks and other needed items.

He also collected cash donations, which paid for all of the shipping costs, with enough left over to send in a check for over $2,000 to Soldiers' Angels which went to purchase phone cards for injured soldiers to use to call home.

Supplies like these mean the world to injured soldiers who are 6,000 miles from their homes and families. Believe me that a package of cookies can make you feel a little closer to home during a traumatic time.

Once again, I'm impressed by the dedication, patriotism and hard work that young men like Charlie have devoted to help other people, which is what scouting is all about.