Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rocket Attack on Forward Surgical Team

My buddy Alberto sent me pictures of their OR after a rocket hit it this week. Amazingly, no one was injured.
The shrapnel traveled 20 meters, came right through the wall, and blew out the front entrance and communications tent.

Here's what shrapnel did to the AC unit, fire alarm and the wall. Al said they were picking chunks of rocket out of the wall and off the floor.

With his usual wit, he told me their morale is coming back to normal, although everybody gets a little excited when an alarm goes off indicating a rocket or mortar attack, which happens about three times a week. When that happens, "ee all look around for a bunker, or the best place to lay down".

He said "we still laugh remembering how this happened, where each of us was when it happened, and the fast response after the attack. Everybody picked themselves up off the floor, and went to the hospital to be ready and expecting casualties that never showed up" .

They were lucky; but there are no safe areas in this war.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

I'd like to dedicate today's entry to the memory of those members of my family who did not hesitate to serve when their countries needed them:

My wife's great-great grandfather:
Samuel Runnels - 11th Mississippi Infantry, Battle of Vicksburg †

My great-grandfather:
Christian Godskesen, Royal Danish Army, Battle of Schleswig 1865†

My wife's grandfather:
Alonzo Runnels - US Army, WWI †

My grandfather:
Christian Martinus Swendsen, Royal Danish Army †

My great-uncle:
Oluf Swendsen, Royal Danish Army †

My Uncles:
Paul Swendsen - US Army forward artillery spotter - Europe, WWII †
Carl Swendsen - US Army, WWII †
Roy Swendsen - US Army Air Corp, South Pacific, WWII †
Henry Godskesen - US Army Engineering Corp, WWII †

My Father-In-Law:
Charlie Runnels - US Navy, Korea †

My cousin:
Harlan Roy Swendsen - US Navy, Vietnam †

My Brother-in-law:
Carlos Hernandez - US Army Helicopter Crewman, Vietnam †

For all you did for us, we remember

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Geneva school kids collect shoes for Iraqi school kids

The students of the Mill Creek school in my home town collected almost 300 pair of shoes for the students of the Al-Sanoober school in Dhi Qar province. This school has about 60 students who are currently in a mud hut and doesn't have enough room for everyone.The soldiers of the 14th Engineering Bn, out of COB Adder, have adopted the school, and are building them a new school house with electricity, running water and 6 mondern classrooms.

Great job by everyone,