Friday, January 26, 2007


I thought you'd like to know about some of the great people who have stepped forward lately to help our medics.

We had a request from the medics at Balad, Iraq for Tasty-Kakes. I found out these are made in Philadelphia, but not sold in Illinois, where I live. I emailed the Tasty-Kakes company to ask if I could order some to send to an APO.

Within an hour I had my response; they sent a whole case for free to my medic.

Well, that's not all. Kathy and her husband who live in Philly, stopped down at the local Pub and took up a collection to send some more. 140 Boxes more! And then she emailed me this update today:

The the delivery guy who brought my order to the supermarket wants to know if I'm doing some kind of fund raiser or something at school? I explain what it's for he says, "Take down my name and cell phone number. If you ever do anything like this again, you call me direct. I'm a Vietnam Vet and next time I'll take your order, put it on sale and discount it, cut out my commission and deliver it right to your house."

And then there is this email I got from Greg and Carole G:

I came upon your blog re:balad medical center and thought I would ask for your help. We are specifically looking for the APO/FPO address for the BaladMedical Facility in Iraq . Our family has been sending cigars to the troops since 2005 and we would like to send some care packages to both our soldiers in hospital as well as their care-givers at the facility..Best regards Greg and Carole G.

It turns out Mike is a retired vet with 40 years of service, who owns a cigar shop and told me he'd send them to whatever medics want some.

And the great folks at the Tower Public Library in Gainesville, FL who volunteered to ship donated medical books to any of the medics who needed them, and even hooked me up with a local Doc who helps with the donations and offered to help any way he can.

And Joe, who is National Guard and wrote:

We would like very much to have a contact to a CSH in either Iraq or Afghanistan. As a manuever task force CSM stationed at LSA Anaconda and FOB Diamondback in Mosul I had the unfortunate opportunity to spend a lot of time in both CSH's and understand that soldiers are medivac'd with very little .

His group sent 10 sets of sweats to the 399th CSH.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Sgt Art the medic needs us again!

You all remember Sgt. Art L, the medic whose unit of 40 guys is way out in the boonies with no support. We sent him a ton of stuff just in time for Christmas.

You can read more about Sgt Art and his clinic here

I just got an email from him and he could use some more help. He said that they are out of baby wipes, tooth paste & toothbrushes, shave cream, coffee &#4 filters (cone), bath soap, laundry soap, hot cocoa mix, and hand sanitizer. Most of the DVD movies we sent him are gone too, because he gave them all away to other units that didnt have any.

He said he gave away all the Christmas candy we sent him, and most of the toiletries.

He writes: "I didn't know a whole armored battalion was going to drop in until they showed up. That was the same night that I received my cases of mail with the remainder of my Christmas boxes in it. Timing could not have been better as the troops that were here did not know how Spartan this base was.

The Aid station became a gathering point for Hot cocoa (Mr. Murphy’s law of combat was in effect, we got about 4 inches of rain and the temp dropped to about 38 degrees), coffee, and snacks. I had people coming in with out any hygiene kits because their gear was blown up on the ride down here. "

Mr. Art is just a good host, I guess.

If you can send any of the things he needs, please email me for the address. Let's help these guys out.

Thanks - Rog

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sheets and Towels needed at hospital in Iraq

We are always looking for donations of new, unwashed sheets and bath towels for the 332nd Main Hospital in Balad, Iraq.

With the huge increase in numbers of US and allied casualties that they treat there, normal supply chains just can't keep up. Many of the linens have to be discarded because they are blood-stained and ruined.

Please contact me for a mailing address if you want to help. Sheets must be new and unwashed. Twin-sized, any color, any pattern (the wounded guys love superhero sheets) flat or fitted. Also, standard sized pillows and pillow-cases. Bath towels too - new and unwashed.

I've posted a photo will need to scroll down to see it. It is not for the faint-hearted.