Friday, August 19, 2011

Someone you should know - Our Savior Lutheran Church Quilting Group

Here is a group of dedicated volunteers who work with Soldiers' Angels Medical Support and send their very special and personal expressions of love and support for our wounded troops.

I asked Chris, who is one of the leaders of the group, to send me some information about them so I could post a story, and here's what she sent me. I couldn't say it better myself:

Thanks again for all you do to help us get the pillows and quilts where they are needed to help provide some comfort for our brave soldiers. It continues to be an honor for us to be able to have this part in letting them know how much they are cared about, appreciated and that we are praying for them.

Our quilting group at Our Savior's Lutheran Church in Circle Pines, MN consists of about 15 members. We have been meeting weekly for about 12 years. Our original goal was to make quilts of comfort for members of our church and community who are experiencing serious illness or loss.

In 2009 we learned about Quilts of Valor so felt the urgency to start making quilts for our brave, wounded soldiers. One of our members had a direct connection to Germany - her husband was stationed there. Through her we became connected with Soldier's Angels, so then we had a direct line to be able to send quilts directly to where they were needed. In 2010 we had another new member in our group that had been making small pillows used for transporting and positioning wounded soldiers.

We learned how important they were in providing comfort to a soldier as they were being cared for that we decided our group could help her continue this mission.
In the last 2 years we have provided over 700 pillows and about 50 quilts. We plan to continue this project until all of our soldiers are returned home.

The quilters have sent boxes and boxes full of pillows and these beautiful quilts to Combat Support Hospitals in Afghanistan. When I get a request from one of these front-line medical units, all I need to do is send off an email to Angela, and they take care of the rest.

Thanks Ladies, for all you do!